CEI Fellowship

The CEI Fellowship was established in 2020 with the aim to improve access to high-quality education in the circular economy field across the globe. The Fellowship will provide an opportunity for individuals that are pursuing a career in circular economy to understand how to apply the principles to their sector of interest. Fellowship applications open every 6 months, and will have a particular regional focus on a rotational basis. This edition is focused on the African continent.

Winners of the fellowship are expected to be change-makers by nature. They will learn the necessary skills to understand what the circular economy is and how to communicate the benefits of the circular economy to their community and future job positions.

The CEI Fellowship Committee will review applications and award the applicant with the most potential to make the most of the opportunity of being certified by CEI.


The chosen applicant will:

  • Be waived the fee to access the CEI Certification Materials: “Circular Fashion: Principles & Business Models
  • Upon successfully passing the exam, will receive the CEI Certificate
  • Upon receiving the CEI Certificate, will be listed on the CEI Alumni page
  • Will be featured on the CEI newsletter
  • Will be featured on CEI social media
  • The applicant’s CV will be shared across CEI partners based in the country and textiles/fashion sector

about the certificate: "circular fashion: principles & business models"

This program is a professional credential offered internationally by the CE Institute to people aiming to become circular economy professionals in the fashion industry. By earning this CE Institute Certificate you will learn how circular fashion is being deployed in the real world and will increase your competence to develop skills useful in today’s business world. Through this program you will:

  • Learn how to clearly and succinctly explain the circular fashion principles and real-world applications
  • Develop competence in the circular economy diagram and its implementation
  • Gain a deep understanding of how circular solutions are implemented through real-life fashion projects and organizations
  • Get closer to becoming a circular fashion expert

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All requirements have to be supported by concrete evidence.

  • Based in Africa
  • High-school graduate, fluent in English (B1)
  • Seeking employment in fashion/textiles
  • Interested in getting the highest standards Circular Economy Certificate to better their employability
  • Proven background or interest in making the textiles / fashion sector more sustainable

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