Circular Economy Institute Certification


The #1 Certification to implement a circular economy in an organization.

This certification program is in pilot stage.

Having a “Certified Methodology” by the Circular Economy Institute goes beyond product or service level certification. It ensures the entire organization has established a methodology to embed the circular economy and is working towards its implementation.


From supply chain and input materials to products lifecycle and end of life, this CEI certification proves a business is meeting the highest standards of effort and commitment of implementing the circular economy.

Positive impact is supported by transparency and accountability requirements. The CEI certification doesn’t just prove where an organization excels now—it commits the organization to regard the circular economy a key pillar in the organizational strategy for the long term by building it into its structure.


  • Manufacturers that aim to sell more circular products to their customers
  • Logistics operators moving resources from a location to storage, point of sale, destination or back to the company (i.e., reverse logistics operators)
  • Retailers including brick-and-mortar stores, online stores, restaurants, hotels or any kind of good and services operators
  • Suppliers of raw materials
  • Public sector offices, city councils, regional and national administrations aiming to embed circularity in their cities, regions and countries
  • Built environment firms involved in architecture, engineering and construction
  • Firms providing any kind of services, who aim to embed circularity in their operations
  • Non-profit organizations, associations or academic institutions that aim to become circular


PROVIDER: Circular Economy Institute

PRICE: £1,360 (discount upon request for CEI Alumni)

PERIOD VALIDITY: To be renewed every 3 years 


ORGANIZATION PREREQUISITES: Having a standing commitment to embed sustainability 

LANGUAGES: English or Spanish


Step 1 – Get Accepted in the Program

  • Fill in a short questionnaire to confirm whether the organization is eligible for participating in the program.

Step 2 – Show Public Commitment

  • The organization’s CEO joins a public statement committing to embed circularity following the CEI methodology.

Step 3 – Circularity Assessment

  • Conduct an assessment of the current status in terms of circularity.

Step 4 – Internal Training & Commitment

  • CEI will provide training to the organization’s employees through a workshop/seminar.

Step 5 – Send CEI the Circular Goals & System Verification

  • The candidate organization works to define goals and embed a methodology to reach them.

BONUS: The “CEI Certified Methodology” will allow an organization to track progress every three months, send CEI an annual circular assessment and gain major internal engagement and adoption of its circular economy goals.


This certification provides organizations with the following benefits:

  • CE Institute Certification badge to display in organization website and wider channels
  • Abiding to the CE Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct
  • Full lifetime access to most up to date materials
  • Conducting an internal circular assessment
  • Establishing an internal system, coordinator and clear goals in terms of circularity
  • Showing reliable public commitment to the organization’s audience 
  • In-house training for employees with real circular economy case studies applicable to the relevant sector
  • Learning how to maximize economic potential to embed circularity
  • Support contact: