Circular Economy Institute Certificate


The #1 Certificate towards becoming a circular tourism expert.

This program is a professional credential offered internationally by the CE Institute to people aiming to understand how to implement circular economy strategies to the tourism sector. To earn this CE Institute Certificate you will immerse yourself into a self-study program that will give you the most comprehensive and succinct understanding of the principles of a circular tourism and the business models that can be developed in this field. You will learn how circular tourism is being deployed in the real world and will increase your competence to develop skills useful in today’s business world. Through this program you will:

  • Learn how to clearly and succinctly explain the circular economy principles and real-world tourism applications
  • Develop competence in the circular economy diagram and its implementation
  • Gain a deep understanding of how circular solutions are implemented through real-life tourism
  • Get closer to becoming a circular tourism expert


The program covers a broad range of circular economy topics relating to its principles, design of circular strategies, new business models, and provides an in-depth knowledge of other areas of the circular economy. The program includes different units with graded activities and quizzes.
In order to earn the certificate, the candidate will have to:
  1. Have over 3 years of work experience;
  2. Commit to the CEI Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct;
  3. Pass two 20-question multiple choice exams (theory and professional standards) with a grade of over 70%; 
  4. Submit a 2-page assessment of a company based on the upcoming ISO International Standards on Circular Economy; and
  5. Submit a 10-min video of yourself simulating giving recommendations to an organization based on your circular assessment with a score of over 70%.


Hands-on circular tourism, material flows theory and implementation tools about the upcoming ISO International Standards on Circular Economy.


  • Aspiring circular economy consultants in the tourism field
  • Designers, engineers, product managers willing to embed the circular economy principles
  • Professionals who work for an organization interested in embedding the circular economy
  • Students in the fields of engineering, business, communications, sustainability
  • Public sector officials who need to master the principles of the circular economy as well as to know real-world initiatives
  • People who are determined to embed circularity through an existing or new organization
  • Anyone who wants to learn about circular economy and business models through real-life examples in a case study format
  • If you would like to request a reimbursement by your employer, please feel free to use the Employer Benefits
  • For academic institutions, consider the Affiliate Universities program


PROVIDER: Circular Economy Institute

PRICE: £460 (discount upon request for CEI Alumni)


DURATION: Self-paced, estimated 60 hours

PREREQUISITES: 3 years working experience 

LANGUAGES: English or Spanish

CERTIFICATE: Provided upon passing final exam


Module 1 – Theoretical Basis of the Circular Economy

  • Unit 1.1. Definition
  • Unit 1.2. Technical Material Loops
  • Unit 1.3. Biological Material Loops
  • Unit 1.4. Appearance and History
  • BONUS: How is it different from Sustainability?

Module 2 – Circular Tourism Business Models 

  • Unit 2.1. Circular Design + Case study
  • Unit 2.2. Keep in Use for Longer + Case study
  • Unit 2.3. Reuse/Redistribute + Case study
  • Unit 2.4. Refurbish/Remanufacture + Case study
  • Unit 2.5. Recycle + Case study
  • Unit 2.6. Rent + Case study

Module 3 – Barriers and Benefits

  • Unit 3.1. Benefits and Barriers of Implementation

Module 4 – Code of Ethics & Professional Standards

  • Unit 4.1. Code of Ethics 
  • Unit 4.2. Professionalism
  • Unit 4.3. Duties to the Institute and clients
  • Unit 4.4. Conflicts of Interest in circularity

Module 5 – Built Environment Company Evaluation based on Upcoming International Standards

  • Unit 5.1. Introduction
  • Unit 5.2. International Standards Pillars I-III
  • Unit 5.3. International Standards Pillars IV-VI
  • Unit 5.4. International Standards Pillars VII and VIII
  • Unit 5.5. Tool for Company Evaluation based on International Standards
  • Unit 5.6. A client-centered approach
  • Unit 5.7. Providing Useful Recommendations


This certificate includes:

  • CE Institute online Certificate upon completion
  • CE Institute Certificate badge to display in LinkedIn profile upon completion
  • CE Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • 10 hours video content
  • Between-units activities and quizzes
  • 34 real examples of how to embed the circular economy
  • 6 case studies from real-world organizations implementing circularity
  • 65 related articles and resources
  • Support contact:



  • Checklist template to evaluate a company based on upcoming International Standards on circularity
  • Spider web tool to graphically show circular economy performance
  • 2 Slide pack templates to pitch circularity to an organization
  • All slides have speaking notes
  • BONUS: eBook summarizing the certificate