Employer Benefits

The CEI credentials are the gold standard in the circular economy field; put it at the center of your hiring practices and development programs.

Underscoring your firm’s commitment to excellence, the CEI credentials demonstrate superior competency in embedding circularity to your supply chain, circular design expertise, and operations management skills, underpinned by ethical conduct and the highest standards of practice.

A Flexible Investment

  • The CEI credentials confer professional status on your employees.
  • Obtain and retain qualified employees through a professional development tool with high personal value.
  • Rigorous, self-study program can be achieved while working full time.
  • Builds team bonds within offices and across global locations, regardless of roles.
  • Many leading institutions in the circular economy profession pay for or reimburse their employees for CEI programs.

Commitment to Professional Status

  • Demonstrates superior circular economy practitioner and team competence underpinned by ethics.
  • Adheres to complementary compliance CEI Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.
  • Fosters recognition and partnership in the global marketplace through a circular economy credential.
  • Strengthens a disciplined, profession-focused working environment driven by customer circular needs and goals.

Gain Business Advantages

The CEI credentials are the most respected and recognized circular economy designation in the world. Moreover, CEI is the parent organization of The Circular Economy Club (CEC):

  • is the world’s largest network of circular economy professionals, with more than 8,000 members;
  • is mission-driven and industry-attuned, building on proven leadership in the field since its inception;
  • offers members access to the latest circular economy research, thought leadership; and
  • provides an active hiring network and access by connecting you to the largest circular economy network.

Respect & Recognition

  • Uniquely positions practitioners to serve clients’ needs.
  • Helps build positive client relationships that win and retain business.
  • Offers firm and investor protection and reduces risk exposure by building future-proof businesses.
  • Attests to circular practitioners’ annual confirmation of adherence with a mandatory CEI Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.


Find top talent

The CEI can connect employers and recruiters with circular economy professionals who, through their association with the Circular Economy Institute (CEI) and Circular Economy Club (CEC), signal a commitment to the circular economy profession and the attainment of relevant work experience. You can select from a variety of talent recruitment packages.
  • Gain exclusive access to a vetted talent pool: You’ll have access to the CEI Certificates Alumni directory.
  • Reach a global audience: You can post positions to our global job board while also being featured at the local level on our CEC clubs’ websites and events.


"Anna inspired companies in our region to embed circularity. We were impressed by her clarity in explaining how to apply the circular economy to every single sector represented in the audience."
"The must-have certificates and training for those who want to embed circularity. I definitely recommend to everyone aspiring to work in this field".
"I found both the online materials and the in-person training really useful leaving us with lots of tangible projects to get on with. It went at a good pace and was very practical and focus on implementation."
"Anna Tari brought a meaningful conversation to the Harvard GSD. Her session gave us a vast array of tools to understand what design can do from the circular economy viewpoint."