University Affiliation Program

The CEI Certificates will deepen your faculty and students knowledge about the circular economy and increase their professional value. Academic institutions that embed a significant portion of the CEI credentials —including the Código de Ética y Normas de Conducta Profesional de CEI —into their curriculum may be eligible to participate in the University Affiliation Program.

An Affiliated University signals to their students and to employers that their curriculum is closely tied to the most recent practice of the circular economy and is helpful to students preparing for their successful completion of the CEI Certificates exams.

The Circular Economy Institute (CEI) offers scholarships to Affiliated Universities as part of our commitment to promoting the highest standards of ethics, education, and professional excellence in the circular economy field. This opportunity includes:

  • When universities decide to cover the cost of a CEI Certificate for their faculty, staff or students, a 15% discount will apply for groups of 5 or larger.
  • CEI can provide with in-person or video conference style (synchronous or a-synchronous) workshops to faculty, staff or student at a 20% discount of the regular fee for groups of 5 or larger.
  • When universities decide to promote a CEI Certificate to their faculty, staff, students and wider network, CEI will provide each university with a 10% discount code that any of their faculty, staff or student can use when registering for the CEI Certificate. CEI will provide with all promotional materials. Any student currently attending an Affiliated University, full-time college/university professors, administrators/department heads, sustainability coordinators and any other staff member, who have not yet completed the CEI Certificate will be entitled to the discount.
  • For full-time college/university professors or administrators/department heads of an Affiliated University who would like to teach the CEI curriculum for a minimum number of credit hours at qualified institutions, will be willing to do so through a) contracting a CEI Instructor, or b) covering the cost of the CEI Circular Economy Instructor Certificate examination for one of their professors.

Apply to the University Affiliation Program

To request an application and find out more, please email us at

Applications for the University Affiliation Program are considered on a case-by-case basis; meeting eligibility requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the program.